A Christmas Poem

A Time



Year of light

Bells of wisdom

at year’s end

the world returns to reason.


Reds and greens

silver and gold

crimson hearts

singing joy songs.



Memories of love

the child in the manger

Peace on Earth

the jolly Claus carries.


A time to sing, to give, to love

a time for carols, food, and mistletoe

A single thought of Love Divine, God’s gift of love

A child was born to shine.



There are many things for me to be grateful for during this Christmas and Holiday Season. I will return to write in this blog by next year. I will leave you with this Christmas poem, and wish for you and your family, that whatever holiday you celebrate, you enjoy it, and find it full of peace and joy. Many blessings to you and yours in the new year.




The Ghost of a Thousand Lives


Ghost?! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Muse made me do it …

The Ghost of a Thousand Lives

Where is the crown that makes you king?

Where is the sword that shines of courage?

Where is the stare that froze a thousand fires?

Where is the fire that melts an iceberg heart?

Where have you gone, the eyes cannot see,

If not but a speck of the brave, nor a sunshine ray,

In the depths of the soul, the hero is lost,

All that remains … the ghost of a thousand lives.