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See also the page at the Finnish National Gallery website. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I decided to include a few of my “poems” here, although I don’t consider myself a poet.  I write what comes to me when the Whimsical Muse bugs me to pen it down.  You will find drama, light humor, satire, romance, and whatever else the Muse wants me to write at the moment.  Hope you enjoy a few of them and thanks for visiting this page.


Earth Soul


Fragile as glass

The mighty rock

Jasmine of the Universe

Speck of my soul.


If one day, departed my soul

I’d searched the heavens

Looking for home

Diamond in blue, heavenly song.


Intellectual Filth


Hate, war, pestilence, blood, deceit …

The legacy of human beings.

Oh God, why create such intellectual filth?

Nature does not need this sickness within.


The more I think, the more I see,

Faith slowly morphs into pain, hopeless disbelief.

Thin needles slowly prick a cold blue heart,

Bleeding its love, ice melts divine.


Oh God, why save such impure hearts?

Isn’t Earth better without virus-man?

Why not clean Earth, wipe us all out?

Have you ever thought of taking us out?


With a heavy heart a true voice I heard,

Buried deep in ice, breaking through mind’s cares.

“Many times I thought of doing just that,

Then I saw the one carrying a just heart.”


“Oh Child, there I saw

My early gifts bestowed,

Love, peace, compassion, trust, hope…

The pain and desire for a better world.”


“Love thriving in one changed a multitudes fate,

Then the one I sent with divine intent.”

“Pure love made flesh, the ultimate gift,

Myself wrapped in him to wipe all the sin.”


Oh God, nothing changed, I still see the same.

Destruction, pain, and so much hate.

I close my eyes to not awake,

Hoping not to see another such day.


“Oh child of mine, your cares I see.

I see the pain, the heart within.”

“If only you would let Him in,

The love you need will pour right in.”


Oh God, you know the world is not me,

The love of one enough won’t be.

Maybe it is best to let me be,

I close my eyes; I rest in peace.


“Oh child of mine, did not I say,

That for the one my love remained?”

“The virus-man Love inoculates,

Today I listened, and you I heard.”



My Cloud

I saw my life in a cloud,

painful memories within.

Hurt and pain, erased filaments of the soul,

Locked up tightly without hope.

I saw my life in a cloud,

passing by so fast, remote.

I saw myself as a child,

The adult I have become.

I saw my name in a cloud,

called aloud by beauty, white.

Aloofness turning to trust,

Forgiveness gave in to Love.

I saw myself in a cloud,

years of pain turned upside down,

by a dream pristine so clear,

that I could believe was real.

I saw my life in a cloud,

Beginning, between, no end.

As white blanket dissipates,

Angel mine, at the end awaits.



Bovine Rant

It was at times when I did not follow the herd that I was ignored.

At times when I walked to the beat of my tune that no one heard my voice.

When I painted my picture that eyes were shut.

When I opened my door that other shut theirs.

It was at times when I disagreed, that silence befell.

The rest of the time, the pasture was green.

It was the hardest lesson I understood,

Stepping into my journey did not make me bad,

And refusing to judge got me out of the barn.



The Day I Cried

It was eight in the morning. It was Wednesday, or was it Tuesday? I grabbed a cup of coffee that was already half-empty, half-warm, and stared at it. I looked at the calendar and could not decide what day it was, was it Tuesday or Wednesday. I took a sip, and put the cup aside; who likes cold coffee? The day seemed to drag as usual, soon working hours, nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary, orderly, order, who wants order every day? I looked outside and saw a leaf flying in the wind, or was it a piece of paper? One of those thin-weathered, annoying pieces of trash that seem to appear from another dimension when you least expect it. Was I expecting something? Who likes the unexpected? I turned around to grab a second cup of coffee. This time, I intended to drink it hot. I poured the sugarless black coffee on a new cup. I set it aside; something caught my eye. A black ant struggled by the windowsill; it had three legs, three legs. I watched it as it moved, as if performing a dance of pain where the only audience was a lonely observer. I thought of my coffee. As I went to grab the already warm cup, I collapse on my knees. The cup went flying in the air hitting the windowsill and almost sending a rain shower of warm coffee to the struggling ant. Shattered. I grabbed my chest; the pain I felt sent waves all over my body, chills down my spine converging in my head. I let myself go into the agony of crying as I felt the weight of the world crawling out of my heart, slowly, as a river of pain that floods the spirit and washes the soul. I lay on the floor, on one side, watching the struggling ant reach its destination – the flowerpot near the window. She was safe now. Images of war, revolts, disease, and technology zombies clouded my brain, revealing a dirty planet. I closed my eyes, as if wanting to shut the dams of the heart, only to find out that the more I squeezed them shut, the river grew bigger, and the sound of agony came out of my mouth, a symphony of despair, a song of hopeless cries that shoot into the heavens as hungry ravens in search of food and back. I opened my eyes; the ant wasn’t there, coffee all over the windowsill, a ray of light filtering through the cloudy glass, kissing my forehead. I sat up. The ravens flew away. The spilled coffee seemed as art in an ordinary day – orderly, order. Was it order what I felt? I wiped away the tears, and one by one, collected the pieces of an empty, shattered cup of coffee. There was art in the windowsill, and life in a flowerpot. There was life, after all.


The Gift


A snowflake shimmers

Falling down to Earth

A blanket of purity

Awaiting a birth.


Far away a star twinkles bright the night,

Diamonds on velvet

The firmament shines,

Announcing King, Child.


The hay in the manger

Keeps Majesty warm,

While chorus of Angels

Sing quiet, nearby.


A mother and father

Observe with delight,

A Savior from heaven,

Their innocent child.


Whenever you see a snowflake, a star

Or nested the Earth in the eyes of a child,

Think of Heaven’s Love

For you, wrapped up on that night.


Heresy – A Writer’s Trial


Typo, here on the white page

Reader bewitched, writer cursed

The execution begins.


Beheaded, hanged, flagellation of the pen,

Blood cleansed, Ink purification.

Punishment, stones casted.


Writer’s heresy exposed

Excommunicated from the page

Sins atoned.


Book, Bell, and Candle,

Reader’s assembly, Typo exposed

Writer is hanged on the page,

Ink turns to blood.


Eternal Fibers of the Soul


Broken promises, broken dreams

Broken bones, broken links.

Stretched fibers of the soul,

Ligaments of faith, wisdom, and hope.


Pieces coming together,

Bits of healing, bits of pain,

Bursts of living, crying, hustling

Not in vain.


Crooked steps,

Blind hope turns to faith,

Reviewed, renewed, redone,

Outstretched but not undone.


Eternal soul

Fibers of humanity

Flesh and bones

All in one, one in all.


One in Many

On this day I shall wish

many blessings, harmony

When the night gives in to day

and the day nestles the night,

we will be as one in many.

Shine your light for it will be

as the beacon one will see

Always seek your love to give

without measure, plenty and free.

As you give you will receive,

one in many it has been.

Me, You, It, one and the same,

Love, One Source, is One in many.

As you wish it will be done,

may you wish, joy, peace, and love

For it returns the wish to wisher,

two ten fold, as one in many.


De Que Vale (In Spanish)

De que vale todo esto

si mi espiritu se apaga.

De que vale todo el lujo

si mi alma esta amargada.

De que valen estas letras

si la luna esta apagada.

De que vale una sonrisa

si mi sol esta en tinieblas.

De que vale una lagrima

si mi alma ya no llora.

Mi corazon, piedra, hielo,

lava que encendio un infierno.

De que vale todo esto,

ya ni lucho, ya ni pienso.

De que vale todo esto,

ya ni veo, ya no siento.


A Husband’s Love

For better or for worst,

Divine bond unites two souls

The road less traveled

The bond keeps strong.

For love, for joy

For tears and I’m sorry’s

For happiness that counts

The blessings of the home

And the sweet evening sound

 Of a “Honey, I’m home.”


Born of Light

Shadow, twilight of obscurity,

In-between, gray atmosphere,

Limbo, nor life, nor death,

The music of the spheres.

Vast ocean of the Womb

Silent cradle where the heart beats.

Waiting for a new dawn,

The Alpha of a living seed.

Shadow, twilight of obscurity,

Where Omega finds its glory,

Eternity finds Creation,

The light behind the shadow.


Boundaries of Love

Into the garden they both descended,

Looking to taste the forbidden fruit.

Ecstasy wrapped their minds in delight

Forgetting soon all boundaries good.

Honey and sweetness erased from their lips

Satiated were their naked bodies,

Feelings of wrong invaded their souls

The moon had lost its shine and glory.

Shame grew reflected deep in their eyes,

Green turned to moss,

Red turned to rust,

Paradise lost, that day something died.

If they could erase the moment of sin,

They would go back and make it all right,

Never too late for forgiveness, ask,

Hoping one day to gain it all back.



Empty space, fibers of my heart

Shreds … my soul


Careless living, crying inside

One life to live

One life to waste

One life to give

One life to take.

Empty spaces

In the core of my heart

Bleeding heart

Bleeding past

Crying soul

Company to none.


One life to live

One soul to give

One innocent beginning

One time once more

The beginning of the end.

Desolation … empty spaces.

Diamond of Love

Light of my heart

Thorn on my soul

Diamond of stone

Lost love, dark rose.

A spell was cast

A stone was thrown

Water ran thru

A candle was blown.

A morning anew

The sun shining thru

My heart full of love

My soul full of you,

If ever I see the shadow of you

A prayer I’ll say

A stone I will throw

Perhaps sing a song.

The night silence brings

The cold of the soul

A heart frozen, thawed

So foolish in love.


Earth Angel

Inside the cradle of birth

An Angel’s wings protect

An Angel’s voice I heard

Tunes of love kept me well.

The broken cradle gave way to life

Sounds, light … of breath, fresh air

The Angel’s arms become my cradle

Haven of love, joy, and protection.

Throughout the years the Angel cared,

Gave me her life, her soul, her love

Always was there faithful and loving

Hoping for nothing in return.

The Angel’s love high as the stars

Her soul as pure as moonlight shine

My path the Angel made so bright

A mother’s love transcends in time.


Phantom in the Mirror – Beautiful Girl

Who are you looking at me?

I don’t recognize your eyes

Don’t seem to know your smile,

Faded glory, hard to find.

Better keep your distance,

Cannot seem to comprehend

How you came to be around

Passed by me, unnoticed, bound.

I t will take a while for me,

To learn to love thee,

Time, your friend, enemy mine,

See you win, not without a fight.

Creamy armor, Botox sword,

Bloody fight, till’ the end,

Nip and tuck, Win or lose,

Never changing dream of youth.

Find an Angel

I want to find an Angel

I want to spread its wings

I want to touch its Halo

I want to lie near him.

I want to cry an ocean

I want to feel the moon

I want to see the world

Nestled in his eyes, blue.

I want to hear his song

I want to dance with him

I want to throw him stars

And gather white stardust.

I want to give my heart

I want to give my soul

I want to find and Angel

I want to take his soul.


From the Darkness of my Soul to Yours

Darkness within

A tear shed

Desert of my heart

Arid desolation

Cries without sound

Empty vessel of life

Wanting more

Gaining none.

Reveal in the light

Wash away the sand

From the crevices of doubt

From the mystery that’s gone.

Innate goodness

Angel without wings

Kiss my soul

Blind my pain

Bleed my heart

Make me well.

Wings that sprout

Mine to keep

There were yours

Sacrifice of love.

Impending Truth

Two hearts beating as one

Sweet valentines

Longing for each other.

A glimpse, a smile, a shy hello

Desire of innocence

Internal fire, burning lust.

Impending truth

Of separate lives

Reality strikes

Putting off the fire.

The truth in the end,

Was all pure desire.

Two hearts beating as one

Sweet valentines,

Each one at home

Where blessings abound

Bigger than lust.


Imploding Heart

Today I feel the pain of the world

My heart wants to implode

My mind wants to explode

River of tears down my throat.

If I could save this planet

Of ill fate I would too

Destruction on its own

Pretending is not true.

If every human looked

Deep down into the soul

And searched for truth

The kind that never fades.

The burden seems so heavy

Why, I don’t understand

now planet and humanity

Are in my heart at once.

If I could see the future

A glimpse of what’s to be

My heart would implode twice

And maybe ceased to be.

Of future and reality

My mind is filled today

Of Earth and flesh beneath the veil

The Universe in pray.



Innate desire

Creation above

Living, breathing, being.

Is that just enough?

Looking for the answers

that were always there.

Now elusive babble

that reigns in our chaos.

Are we more than human?

Spirit, divine essence?

Are we part of heaven?

Or just a piece of invention?

Are we design with momentum?

Or maybe some instrument of the universe?

Living, breathing, here among the stars…

A loving song of Creation.


Life Pages

When I couln’t talk to anyone

Books talked to me.

When others smashed my dreams

Books took me on a wild ride.

They showed me places

Dared me to dream.

Stood heavy not silent

Taking me places

I never dreamed.

Books were my friend

Mother and Dad,

Tucked me into bed

And woke up my mind.

Well, I know for sure

Many years have passed

But I always visit

That good friend of mine.

And in every page

Much comfort I find.

Multiverse Love

Across time and space

Love  finds us

Just to takes us apart

Ragged toys on many lives.

Instant recognition

The eyes don’t lie.

Images of past lives

Love, hurt, and lies.

We don’t seem to get it right,

A thousand lives have not sufficed.

If anything, the void is bigger,

The pain of a thousand stabs,

The bond that keeps getting strong,

The love that can never grow.

To love and forgive,

That seems to be the lesson

But the hurt is so strong

That brings us back once more.

Across time and space

Here we are once again.


Ordeal of Love

Romeo and Juliet

Tale of reality,

Angels with broken wings,

Grasping on to the arrows that pierce the heart.

A bitter goodbye

A fast word, slashing the flesh,

Throughout eternity,

Repeating the same.

Another face, another body

Centuries of blaming each other,

Our hearts can only take so much,

Oh God, if it could only stop.

Meaningless time,

Ordeal of love

The same eyes follow me

Windows to your soul.

Anew… I am … You are…

It starts…

A dream, another life, bells,

We find each other,

The story repeats itself.

Planet Boom

Smoke, Hail, Fire

Floods, quakes and destruction

A Mother is crying,

The Earth, dying.

Humanity suffers

By their own hand slain

The planet returning

The fruits of disdain.

A Mother is crying

Her children now listening

But the Mother’s tears

Rise over their clamor

Erasing the past, present, and future.


Silver Desire

Silver desire

Of years passed gone

Memories of love

Heartbeats of stone.

If I prick my heart

To liven my love

A single drop pours

A crystal of blood.

Fossilized love

Cold as ice, hard as stone

Marble and shadow

That time forgot.

Caves of the heart

Searching for love

Carrying the dagger

That will break the stone.


Spring Rhapsody

Darkness, cold earth surroundings,

White blanket of ice

Melted with the kiss of sun

Warming the seed inside.

Inch by inch,

Breaking free,

The earth is raped

By a thousand seeds.

Forced fight,

To break the surface,

Struggle of life,

The coming of Spring.

The Devil in Disguise

January, February, March

The dreaded month is here

To count the days till you

Meet with Death or Fear.

The day will make you think

Of how you did last year,

For penny after penny

Your income is now fear.

Will you receive or will you bleed

Green blood out of your pockets,

For Uncle Sam, maybe is Satan

The devil in your pockets.

April 14, the time is near,

When once again

Your faith awaits

To pay the tax you fear.


The Man Behind the Curtain

I watch silently, waiting to be heard.

I listen to the stroke of your pen, as it hits the paper grain,

to the incessantly strike of the keys – watching you, lurking in the shadows.

I caress your mind, blow softly the cobwebs of your imagination, awaiting …

Hear me, see me, feel me, make me into reality.

I want to exist; I yearn to come alive, to breath in the pages of your soul – to be.

Light my shadow, pull the curtain – I’m behind, waiting … to be written.

Write me, I am the character left behind.



Amongst the flowers

and tall grass pastures

stood the Old Giant

in white raggedy glamour.

Tired, full of secrets

of yesteryear charm,

memories of laughter,

tears, love and past.

Abandoned and lonely,

through storms, clouds, and snow

the sun bathe your white boards

your washed away glory.

A couple from Jersey

got lost in the country,

and end up astonished

at your lonesome old beauty.

With dreams on their hearts,

of simple life days

decided to make

a nest of Old Giant.


The One Answer Man

Who is the one answer man (or woman)?

The one answer man lives with you. 

He/she is your neighbor. 

He/she is related to you.

He/she is your friend. 

He/she stares back at you daily – in the mirror.

The one answer man has been bred for over 12 years by our education system.  He/she was taught that there is always one right answer, and only one.  He/she was given multiple choice tests (as reinforcement) to train him/her to be able to find the one right answer.  For 12 + years this intensive training took place, and the one answer man graduated, first of his/her class – proud to have all the right answers.  Soon, he/she went to college, practiced what he/she had learned, gave all the right answers, and graduated again.  Pride made a nest in his/her heart – after all, he/she knew all the right answers.

He/she got a job, and excited, went on to take the world.  He/she had no fear, after all, he/she knew the right answer.  This excitement vanished soon.  What was going on?  Something was wrong.  Somehow, the right answers didn’t work in this new world.  This world was about money, financial literacy, and financial smarts.  This world required more than the right answer.

The one answer man felt overwhelmed; he/she was sad – he/she didn’t have the right answer anymore.  He/she did not know what to do.  This world spoke one language:  money.  All the years of intensive training did not prepare him/her for this crude reality.  The answers he/she knew did not apply anymore.

So feeling like a failure, the one answer man went home.  He/she checked the image in the mirror, looking once more, for the right answer.


The Right to be Wrong

The right to be wrong is my birthright.  It was taken away from me in my early years.

When I spitted out the food that I didn’t like, I was told, “No!”

When I attempted to get closer to that shiny object, so alluring – I was told, “No!”

When I refused to share my toys with the kid I had just met – I was told, “Bad!”  My question to you:  Do you lend your car to just anyone?

When I was told that I didn’t know how to read, because I couldn’t keep with the group’s pace – I read faster.

When I was told I didn’t know how to color, just because I liked blue hair.

When I was told, “Your essay was truly the best, but we cannot read it at the opening; we have decided to read the second best – it is not controversial.”

When I was told, “You cannot do that; it doesn’t work that way.”

When I stopped learning – for fear of making mistakes.

When I denied a mistake for the first time – for fear of being criticized.

When I chose not to be wrong, but to be right all the time and give all the right answers.

When I stopped being Myself, to become Right-self.

So today, after all these righteous years, I claim my right to be wrong! – My birthright.

The Woman in Red

Voluptuous she stood

Amongst the dreary crowd

Dark shades hiding

The feelings of her soul.

Perfect pose

Perfect beauty

The red of her dress

A match to the roses.

The multitude glanced

Making gestures of mockery

How could she be so cold?

Irreverent and so phony.

One by one they said goodbye

To the old man in the coffin

No one came near her

No sympathies to her were offered.

When everybody was gone

She approached the lonely coffin

Her dark shades she took off

The tears nobody saw.

Falling on to her knees

Her soul aching and free

The bloody roses held tight

To the old man she blew a kiss.

The woman in the red dress

Bleeding heart and bleeding hands

No one knew of her true love

A happy widow was not.


Universal Dance – Eclipse

Amongst the stars the Plump Lady shines

Universe is a dance

Every night she takes a stance.

Gentleman Hot will show up tomorrow

Day after day her figure she shapes

For he will show up

In Heavens and Earth.

Plump Lady shines

Lady Moon in love

To Gentleman Hot

Her bright heart bestows.

In turn he returns

Offering of love

Hot burning desire

Sun’s rays bestow.

The Moon and the Sun

A rare dance of love.


Valentine Blue

Red hearts turned blue

The day I saw you

The ocean in your eyes

A world full of blue.

Valentine blue

Blue rose of mine

Violet desire

Of red heart and blue.

My heart bleeds of ink

My veins tint of blue

The air that I breathe

As cold, as ice blue

In heaven or hell

The torment of hue

The angels sing love songs

A chorus of  blue.


Walk the Dream

Dream the Dream,

Walk the path

Step by step

Feel every stone on the road.

Keep the pace,

Stop to rest,

Smell a rose,

Regain your strength.

When the path bents on the way,

Sit aside, ponder, and pray,

If however, the bent must you take,

Rest be assured that He is with you.

Just when you thought

The bent was a rocky road,

Around the corner,

Your dream shows up.

Washed Away Castle

Dreams of sand

Music of the ocean

Innocence washed away.

Naïve trust.

Wet sand,

hard and strong,

new dreams,

away from the shore.

What If …

What if the earth was flat?

What if the color of your skin would change with the seasons?

What if currency didn’t exist and we dealt in favors to one another?

What if the days were dark and the night was clear?

What if there was no moon, no sun, but only one brilliant star?

What if there was one president for the whole world?

What if wars were fought with water balloons?

What if we didn’t celebrate birthdays, but celebrated death?

What if pets talked?

What if people had to work in only what they loved?

What if there was no Saturday and Sunday?

What if teleportation was feasible?

What if we didn’t have to eat, sleep or …?

What if a stork brought children when you least expected it?

What if each one of us was born with a magical power?

What if television was illegal, and pot wasn’t?

What if there was a tax for having a polluting clunker?

What if we talked in numbers?

What if we all looked alike and we were called John and Jane?

What if we were all given at our birth a gift of a home, a car, and a million dollars to start our lives?

What if getting old was an achievement, an honor?

What if we were citizens of the universe?

What if nuclear weapons were made out of popcorn?

What if intensive/hard manual labor made you the big bucks and titles didn’t?

What if there were only two brands of everything?

What if you (and everyone else) knew the exact day and time of your death?

What if we all could read minds at any time?

What if the question:  What is the purpose of life would be answered one day? 

What if life is just a training exercise for something greater?

What if with every breath your life spam got shorter?

What if after you finish reading this, you think what a waste of time?


Winter Spell (Haiku)

Splendor of white

Embraces the fallen earth

The sun breaks the spell

Writer’s Soul

Click, click, tap, tap, click …

The hours go by.

Thoughts of black and white,

A screen is filled of soul.

The silence in the room

Transforms the cyber space

A storm about to pour

Of words into the page.

Dreams of a new reality,

Whatever it may be

The essence of my soul

Is etched in blood and ink.

If ever I would lose

The chance of click, tap, click

My world would be destroyed

My cyber veins indeed.

To write is my reality

My dream, my mood, my soul.

I feed of words and letters,

I drink of pure black ink.

Click, tap, click, tap

The hours go by …

I truly can deny

Is this another day?



Letter to Romeo

Juliette loved Romeo.  She thought he was all she needed.  She sat at the edge of her bed, pondering the last days of her love.  Instead of taking the bottle of poison in her hands, she took a pen, and paper.  This is what she wrote.

Dear Romeo:

What was I thinking!  Your love robbed my sight, to the point of living in a colorless world.  Your love made me disregard life – a most precious gift.  Your love alienated me, threw me in despair – thinking that life was not worth living without you.  Your love deprived me of sun, of rain, of song…  Dear Romeo, there is so much to live for, so much to see, so many people to meet, so many flowers to smell, so many Bentley’s to drive …

Dear Romeo, what was I thinking!  Life is short enough … and I claim every second of it.  Your love was the only poison I took, willingly, and now, I spit it out!

Dear Romeo, I love you, but I love myself more.



Some time went by since Romeo read Juliette’s letter.  Now he writes back.


Dear Juliette:

It was getting complicated, anyway.  I never meant to hurt you, but I couldn’t let you go, either.  My ego has been poisoned, but I will survive.  Maybe we can be friends, with fringe benefits – if you want.  If you happen to need someone to shine the Bentley, call me, I’ll do it – for free.  I’ll take it for a ride to make sure it is working fine.  A woman needs a man for these things.  That is a nice machine you got there!

I miss you.  Are you sure we are through?  Do you miss me?  I mean, you probably do, right?  We had it going on for a while.  I’m glad you didn’t take the poison; maybe you can reconsider – about us.  We’ll share the sun together, we’ll play in the rain, and we’ll listen to your favorite songs, together; did I mention I will buy you some flowers, too?  I mean, you like them, right?  We’ll do whatever you like, whenever you like.

Juliette, think about it.



PS:  I can shine the Bentley this weekend – if you want.


Angel & Passion

The ocean of your eyes

storm casts in my aching heart.

Faint smile shy away,

strong desire pulls you back.

Angelic face,

music in your voice,

awaken a storm

of passion and lust.

Of dreams and sweet thoughts

my heart feels you near,

The mind makes you real

of dreams and sweet thoughts.

If I dare too close,

you freeze – shy away.

Your eyes cannot lie,

of Romance they swear.

I found you too late,

If ever so far.

Of games of the heart,

We play, lust, love, chase.

Agony of Love

I love the way you look at me

Lost in space, lost in love

Begging soul, slave of love.

I love the way you hide from me

The desires of your heart

The torment in your head

The tempest of your soul.

I love the way you try to smile

Shy of love, red and hot

Lungs need air

Heart could stop.

I love to torment you

With roses and perfume

Humming a lust song

Flirting desire, melting you.

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