A Holy Night

Nativity – Photo by M.A.D.

Christmas is just around the corner. My favorite time of the year. The reason for the season is the best part of it, the most sublime gift – Jesus Christ, King of kings. Most years, I try to write a poem for this blog during this time. I know 2020 has not been a kind year for anyone, but we should welcome the season in our hearts and be thankful that we are still around, and for many other blessings that whether we realize or not, have happened throughout this dreadful year.

A Holy Night

On a cold December night,

outside I stepped, to see the stars.

The moon shone bright,

the air was crisp.

My heart too sad to think of Him.


A tear I felt, and many more.

A cloud passed by

the moon it cloaked.

A heart too tired,

A heavy load.


Far in the sky, a light above.

A twinkling star,

Its light bestowed.

Far down below

my heart just stopped.


A voice I heard

deep in my heart.

“My child I am here.”

“Of you I think,

your heart I hear.”


The star I saw

Announced His love,

his gift bestowed.

Born is the King,

Jesus, pure love.

I will be back in January. I am very grateful for every reader and visitor of this blog, and I wish everyone a beautiful season and many blessings for 2021. Lets hang in there; this too shall pass.

King of Souls

King of Souls – A Christmas Poem

A blanket of snow

covering the earth

like angel wings

gently befalls.

A shining star

dancing through the night

announces to the world

a miracle below.

A mother beholds

great news from above

The angels rejoice

A Savior is born.

A King in a manger

of God, divine son

Born to mankind

a Savior of souls.

May this Season of Joy bring the best into your heart and may blessings pour over your home. Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday Season to you all. Inkspeare

A Crying Planet

The terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth...

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The world seems to be in chaos, or at least, that is what the news I hear suggest.    It is very sad what is happening to Japan and our brothers and sisters there.  The Japanese have given us a lesson.  I don’t hear sleuthing or rapes, or people turning against each other.  I see brave citizens going through very hard and unimaginable times holding on to each other and keeping their spirits up, despite the size of the adversity afflicting their country.  In their darkest hour, they have shine their light. 

Natural disasters and man-made disasters are never good.  We have created time bombs on this planet, and forgot about the  power of Nature.  What is happening in Japan, can happen any time to other developed countries – including our beloved USA.  This is why countries should start rethinking and taking measures to lessen the damage already created.  We have raped this planet!  This planet, as a living organism and eco system, must restore itself – however that may be – another ice age or whatever … 

I am tired of hearing about doomsday, the end of the world, Armageddon, and 2012.  Don’t blame God, Christ, religion…, for something that is part of a natural occurrence and part man-made, as we have abused the resources of this planet.  I consider myself a christian, but a responsible one.  Maybe it is time we stop thinking about Armageddon and the end of the world and start living more responsible on this planet.  Maybe we should get off our asses and do our part and stop thinking that God is the one who is responsible for fixing everything.  He gave humanity a wonderful place to live and we have neglected our home.  Then, we run scared to the closest pharmacy and the nearest website to buy iodine tablets in case the radiation in Japan reaches us on this side of the planet.   

My heart goes out to our Japanese brothers and sisters who are going through such pain and hard times.  Let’s help them however each one of us can – every little counts.  Maybe we can start here in the Occident by not going nuts and exhausting the iodine tablet supply that the citizens of some Japan areas may need more.  At times like this, we are one race – human.

The Reason to Create

Barnstar Creator

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Why do you create?  For whom do you create?  Approaching our craft with this question in mind can help focus our work.  It also helps set the mood for the day, even when you are not in your best mood.  It helps discern the goal – for what you work for or towards. 

When you approach your craft with Love, you are in for a great day at what you do best.  When you approach your craft with love for your Creator, then it makes all the difference.  You are gifting something to others and to your “God” or however you happen to call him/her/it.  Assuming this attitude will not only get you thru your daily task, it will improve it, make it better, because you are offering it to your Creator.

Next time you are about to paint, write, or do what you do best, answer this question.  The answer will set up the mood of the day.  If your answer is – for the agent or publisher, for the pesky boss … then maybe you should go back and reexamine your reasons.

If you don’t believe in a spiritual level, then the answer should be for you – for your contentment and happiness.

We all have to work to pay the bills, care for the family, and many other commitments; however, it is how we approach our craft that makes the difference.