Beam Me Up, Scotty

English: Compact fluorescent light bulb

English: Compact fluorescent light bulb (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Yesterday, I was reminiscing about my childhood and how simple life was in those days.  When you got a cut, all you needed was a band-aid, a bit of iodine and mercury, and you were back running and playing in the green pastures.  Then, I started thinking about mercury and all the controversy surrounding this element.  To give you a bit of an introduction to the element, I will cut and paste some information from Wikipedia:

  • Mercury is a chemical element with the symbol Hg and atomic number 80. It is commonly known as quicksilver and its scientific name is hydrargyrum ( < Greek “hydr-” water and “argyros” silver).

Mercury has been used by ancient cultures in medicinal and religious applications, as well as in alchemy.  Mercury is used in many instruments and devices and in scientific research applications.  It was used or still is used in dentistry as amalgam for dental restoration.  It is used in electrical, electronic, and manufacturing applications and according to Wikipedia,

It is used in lighting: electricity passed through mercury vapor in a fluorescent lamp produces short-wave ultraviolet light which then causes the phosphor in the tube to fluoresce, making visible light” “Mercury is a heavy, silvery-white metal.  As compared to other metals,  it is a poor conductor of heat, but a fair conductor of electricity.

Mercury does not react with most acids.  It is an extremely rare element in the earth’s crust and it does not blend geochemically with elements found there.  According to Wikipedia,

“is a part of popular secondary reference electrode (called the calomel electrode) in electrochemistry as an alternative to the standard hydrogen electrode. The calomel electrode is used to work out the electrode potential of half cells.[50] Last, but not least, the triple point of mercury, −38.8344 °C, is a fixed point used as a temperature standard for the International Temperature Scale.” 

In everyday applications it is used in cosmetics, fluorescent lamps, mercury vapor lamps, neon signs and of course, in human vaccines.  There is controversy about effects in children, autism, and although it has been a bit reduced, it is still found in significant amounts in the influenza vaccine, which pretty much everyone gets yearly.  And of course, we all know of high content of mercury found in fish, especially in tuna – the poor man’s food (most of the population).

“The European Union directive calling for compact fluorescent bulbs to be made mandatory by 2012 has encouraged China to re-open deadly cinnabar mines to obtain the mercury required for CFL bulb manufacture” (Wikipedia).

Mercury is also used for ion engines in electric propulsion, and “Owing to its acoustic properties, mercury was used as the propagation medium in delay line memory devices used in early digital computers of the mid-20th century.”  In addition, “liquid mercury was used as a coolant for some nuclear reactors.” (Wikipedia)

So, it looks like in its various applications and compounds, through history, Mercury is a wonderful and toxic element and by now (if you are still reading),  you may be asking where am I going with all this.  Well, I can tell you this – by now, with all the mercury in my body, from amalgam, bandaids, fish, vaccines … and the rest, I must be a walking vase of mercury (and so do many of you, especially children).  In a planet that is looking for alternative ways of energy, is concerned about the electromagnetic field, and temperature/climate warming, where part of the population believes in an “ascension”  in different religions (no disrespect meant here), we might as well be the solution to all those problems, that is, as walking breathing living vases full of mercury.   We will conduct electricity, cool the planet, help maintain the electromagnetic field in case there is a problem with the earth’s crust or core, and of course, facilitate the ascension as a propagation medium, owing to its acoustic properties.  Best of all, is that since mercury is a poor conductor of heat, we will not overheat.  All that is left to say is,


Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy

It is Sunday, but the sky is already dark, the wind is picking up, and critters are taking shelter.  Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit our area starting Monday night to Tuesday, but I can tell that this is different from last storm, Irene.  Right now, it is very windy and dark.  This storm is different; it is very wide, slow, has powerful winds, and comes with lots of water/rain.  Experts have called it “significant life threatening surge” referring to the waves and possible flooding in low areas.  We are getting ready for the storm since we are in a coastal town – Cliffwood Beach.  Here is how we have prepared so far.

Large windows and glass doors are getting hexed.  The Star of David is a powerful symbol of protection, so why not tape our windows and doors by using it.

The pantry is stocked with necessities and there is extra pet food, litter, cat treats, and extra water. (There is more pet food than human food – LOL)

I cut flowers from the garden to ease the cabin fever blues.

Lanterns, flashlights, laptop, meds, paper for writing, extra batteries, emergency radio … all checked.

I will have plenty of time to start reading this treasure that I obtained recently – The Royal Path to Life – an 1800’s thick volume that is the equivalent to a bible for a happy and productive life, according to the times.  Can’t wait to read this beauty.


Because we are a bit worried about this Frankenstorm or Mega storm or The Perfect Storm as the news reports are calling it, we need to have some kind of childish therapy to make us feel a bit better, so we got Glow bracelets to wear.

This morning I went to the beach to take some pictures and video and the wind had made a natural pathway of leaves leading the way.

The sky is getting dark and it is early morning, the winds are picking up.

The birds are trying to land, the wind is a bit strong and they fly very slow.

Sea Foam tries to form.

I hope that the storm weakens and that there is no damage to lives (human/critters) and property.