Lady Moon

As I was ready to go to bed last night, I glanced outside and saw this beautiful sight. I have been mesmerized by the moon since I was a little girl. My mom says that as a toddler, I used to point at it and call her lulu (for luna – moon in Spanish). I have looked at the moon countless of times since then, and each time I find it more beautiful. I hope we never damage it, as our species does with everything else. Here are a few pictures of the moon as I saw it last night. These were taken from inside because I was already in my PJs and ready to sleep but I could not pass the opportunity of taking just a few pictures of this beauty.


Photo by M.A.D.


Photo by M.A.D.


Photo by M.A.D.


Photo by M.A.D.

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Super Moon 2013

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.

photo by M.A.D.



As promised, here are a few pics of tonight’s SuperMoon – absolutely amazing! I took these a little more than an hour ago. The view from Cliffwood Beach in New Jersey (USA). Enjoy!

The Most Amazing Thing that You Ever Saw

Lunar libration. see below for more descriptions

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What was the most amazing thing that you ever saw?  It may not have been a fancy or  elaborated thing, trip, experience …  It may have been something very subtle, but that left an amazing impression in your memory, and you remember it with much delight, and even awe.

For me, this was just a simple event – the first time I saw the moon through a telescope.  I must have been about five years old, six the most.  I was visiting the neighbors kids next door and their father, a pastor, had a home telescope set on their balcony.  He was watching the moon craters.  He told me to come over and see and I did.  The magical image that I saw has stayed with me all my life, and it is as clear today,  as that exciting moment.  I must have always had a fascination with the moon.  According to my mom, when I was a toddler I used to point at it and call it LULU.  Today, I love to look at the moon, which I can see  through the big window when I am in bed.  I love when I wake up on some nights, and the moon is just right there, positioned just so perfectly that the light hits me in the face – I love the moonlight, it is so refreshing.  And so, talking about it I have been inspired.

Here is a poem for the silver lady.

Silver Lady

Of silver and pearls

every night dressed

dashing with your light

caressing my face.

My very best friend

lullaby of light,

so gentle and pure

constant thru my time.

On new moon, I miss you

playing peekaboo

Full moon is here

playing with my mood.

If the day would come

when I don’t see you,

It could only mean

that now I’m with you.

What was the most amazing thing you ever saw?  Think about it and be inspired.

Inspirational Image for Today

Here is an image to inspire you to write a story, a poem, or whatever you’d like.  Sometimes, looking at a picture is just what it takes.  The following is today’s inspirational picture and a short sample of poetry I just wrote while looking at it for this post.

Blue moon of silver made

shining thru the popcorn sky

take my heart and breath away

my desires bring to life.