Sleep Your Way

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One of the areas that we seem to neglect the most is having a good night sleep.  One of the biggest culprits –  chores, TV, PC, and all our favorite shows and movies.  It is truly hard to dedicate the proper amount of hours to sleeping.  However, I have found that when I go to bed earlier, I am more productive the next day and my mind seems more clear.  For me, eight hours seems to be the perfect amount, others need more, others less. 

Sleeping well makes me less grouchy and it actually helps my writing.  I can write more in less amount of time, and it also helps my inspiration – ideas flow more fluently.  I recommend sleeping as a tool for better writing – it does sound funny, but true, at least in my case.

When I feel less tired and more refreshed/awake the tone set for the day is totally different and I can carry out many things that have been put aside for lack of energy or “time.”  Somehow, suddenly there is time for more …

Give it a try, and see if it helps your writing and your day, overall.

Minding Feedback

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Most of us enjoy getting comments about our work and getting feedback.  Sometimes, criticism may be harsh, rude, in bad taste, or just not appropriate.  When those types of comments are sent your way, they are not worth a response in the same tonality.  The way you respond to comments says a lot about you as a professional.  The way you leave comments for others and criticize the work of others says a lot about you as well.

Minding your own feedback as well as the feedback you leave for others should be up there in your priorities as a blogger.  I used to watch the TV series Kung Fu when I was a kid – I just loved the stories and loved the way David Carradine handled each challenge in the series.  In the series, he would say some philosophical lines from time to time.  One of his lines stood with me, until this day.  It went something like this – “When words are not better than silence, it is best not to pronounce them.”  I have taken that line to heart my entire life.  This applies to feedback left for others and the things that you have to say about someone’s work. 

If you have nothing good or edifying to say, say nothing.