Shakespeare a Day 4

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“Speak low, if you speak love.”  (Much Ado About Nothing)

This one certainly made me think.  Most times, when we are happily in love we want to scream it to the world.  We are so happy that we want to announce it.  Although, this is just a line that one of the characters was saying to another, and in tune with the scene, it makes you ponder a different meaning.

Sometimes, we are not so demonstrative of our love, but that does not diminish it.  We are “speaking low” the language of love.  Sometimes, a gentle and sweet demonstration of love and affection is just what we need.  Love has many frequencies.

Shakespeare a Day 2

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“Blow, winds, and crack your cheeks! Rage! Blow!” – King Lear

This is the perfect quotation to illustrate the power of words, descriptive and emotional.  It lets you feel the type of rage and anger; you can picture the face turning red, ready to blow up in all kinds of verbal display, steamed up!

I love writing that brings up emotion.  Hope you enjoy today’s quotation.

Shakespeare a Day 1

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For the next few days I will post one quote from Shakespeare’s plays daily.  For the first quote I have selected probably the most quoted of all.

“To be or not to be, that is the question…”

At one point or another, we have asked the same question ourselves.  In our search for identity, for belonging, for our life’s purpose, there are many things that we must be, or not, and in the end, only we have the answer(s).  To be , to have the courage to follow our path and do what we know we have to do.  Or to give into our fears and not to be, and never answer the question.  In the end, it is all up to us.