Moonlit Valley Book Trailer

Ok, so here it is, my first book trailer, which I had to learn to do, and spent all day making.  One very important issue when making a movie or video is to make sure that the source for images and music are ok to be used by you, whether you have obtained permission, or they are royalty free or approved for commercial use, or public domain.  Very important also to give credit according to the type of licensing the images or music have.  So here it is, the official book trailer for Moonlit Valley.  I hope that you enjoy it 🙂 as I did making it for you 🙂


And the Winners Are …

Thank you all who entered the giveaway for a chance to win one of three copies of Moonlit Valley.  The three winners are Carmencita Mora, Sylvia Gonzalez, and Joan Caton.  Congratulations! I am very excited and want to mail your copies as soon as possible, so I will need your address.  I hope that you enjoy the book, and feel free to leave a short honest review if you’d like. We wanted one of the cats to select the winners but they all refused and went to take naps.

moonlit valley spread

I have a video of the raffle; however, for some reason, FB is not letting me upload anything, pictures or videos, since last week, so as soon as I can somehow download it, I will post it here (I could not do it here as well ???).  As a last resort, I will have to create a YouTube account.  Well, there you have it, the three lucky winners.  YAY! As soon as I can get that video to upload, I will add it to this post.  Thank you all who participated 🙂 Cheers!


UPDATE – Finally I was able to download the video (it took an hour on FB).!/photo.php?v=4139090170113&set=vb.533594509993470&type=2&theater