Review of RICH & HAPPY by Robert Kiyosaki

The complete title is:  If you want to be RICH & HAPPY don’t go to school.  A work of love, this book presents Robert Kiyosaki’s view of the education system in which we grow up and get educated by.  An eye opener for most, and a sad truth, the book explains how the system prepares you for failure in the future.  It shows you how the harmful programming you received during your school years prevents and sabotages your success.  Robert says it like it is, and doesn’t sugar coat it.  He is also deeply concerned about the wrong programming that has been going on for many generations, and still continues.  While reading these truths, I got chills, and couldn’t help but feel sad for our children; tears streamed down while recognizing some of the patterns, in myself.  A must read for every parent, and teacher, but mostly, for every one of us, who has been educated in the system.

Review of RICH DAD’S SUCCESS STORIES by Robert Kiyosaki

I loved this one. A fast read. For those who question Robert Kiyosaki’s system, this one is full of stories from people who utilized the teachings of Rich Dad to create a life of meaningful existence and the beginning of wealth. Each individual relates their story, and how they applied what they learned through Kiyosaki’s books in their lives. The story of a 13 year old, already on the road to financial success, was one of my favorites.  Another page turner.



Although written for the network marketing readers, this book presents many useful tips and values that are important for any entrepreneur. Written in a clear and candid way, it presents a personal view on network marketing by the author, as well as the benefits to start a network marketing type of business. The points discussed here are valuable for any business. I personally got a lot from this book.

My review of INCREASE YOUR FINANCIAL IQ by Robert T. Kiyosaki

Another masterpiece by Robert Kiyosaki. In this book, Mr. Kiyosaki says it like it is, in a more blunt and direct style, maybe, as a result of rubbing elbows with The Donald. By briefly tapping into this country‘s financial history (and not being boring) he takes us into the past and back to the future, while explaining how important increasing your financial IQ is to your financial success and survival in the information age. A must read for anyone who does not want to get behind or being crush by the fast-changing times.

Review of RICH WOMAN by Kim Kiyosaki

If you as a woman, have some trouble relating to Robert Kiyosaki’s teaching style, then this book is for you. I love this book because it makes you connect with the ideas and topics of Rich Dad, but explained in a totally different way.  It is a book on investing for women, written by a very intelligent woman, and someone that knows and lives the subject everyday.  It is not a how to book, but definitely an “I can” book.  It shows you the principles to follow (how Kim did it) – that you can tailor to your own particular situation.  A must read for every woman that wants to be independent and a smart investor.

Review of SPEEDWEALTH by T. Harv Eker

Very similar to Kiyosaki’s teachings in essence, but Eker’s approach is faster and with a goal of creating wealth in a shorter amount of time (3 years or less) – as opposed to Kiyosaki’s philosophy of “creating wealth takes time and smart, hard work in the right quadrant.” Both, believe in the same principles of wealth building, and have practice them in their quest for wealth. Both keep practicing those principles today.  So, if you like a fast pace of teaching very similar principles, then this method is for you.

My review of RETIRE YOUNG RETIRE RICH by Robert Kiyosaki

If I was to select one book to summarize many of Robert Kiyosaki’s financial teachings, this one would be it.  A very “alive” book that for me, was a page turner. It is where Robert’s teachings come together. Written in his characteristic simple to understand style and made real with his personal story, this one is my favorite so far.

My review of WHY WE WANT YOU TO BE RICH By Donald Trump and Robert Kiyosaki

A taste of what the perfect combination of these two financial geniuses can be. Mostly, their point of views in different economic issues spiced with some anecdotes and again, a simple, straight forward approach that will not bore the reader. Although I loved each one as separate authors, I love the powerful combination of their teachings in one book. I found that the book needed more easy flow from Robert to Donald to Robert again, but since their styles are so different, as their personalities come alive through the pages, this might have been the best approach for the book. I am looking forward to more Trump-Kiyosaki masterpieces.



My review of THE ABC’s OF GETTING OUT OF DEBT By Robert Kiyosaki

In a straight forward, simple manner, Robert Kiyosaki takes you on a journey to review your financial situation, goals, dreams, and to prepare a plan for your future, based on your own assessment according to some pointers and guidelines. Flavored with anecdotes and clear observations, this book can help you develop real goals to start on the road of financial freedom. Not a how to guide, but instead, a base for the reader to start analyzing his/her own financial situation, set up goals, and a plan that is “self” created. An excellent book that will jumpstart the gears of your mind.

A review of the book: RICH KID SMART KID By Robert Kiyosaki

A very simple to understand and to the point book, geared towards parents and also kids/young adults.  Robert Kiyosaki teaches parents how to recognize and promote the “genius” in your child as a way to prepare and encourage a kid to develop his/her own way towards a life of wealth.  An excellent tool for any reader to understand and discover his/her own “genius” and obtain a better understanding of themselves, and their goals. After Rich Dad Poor Dad (his first book) I would recommend reading this one and then, follow with The Cashflow Quadrant.