On Nourishing My Writing

I ‘ve noticed that writers, in general, are tuned to their surroundings, emotions, and feelings. This is true for me. Although I don’t necessarily strive for drama (low tolerance) my emotions drain me at times. It is then that I must nourish my writing the most. Even when emotions run high (and this is good for my writing), if I don’t pay attention the well is exhausted.

How do I nourish my writing? By recharging myself. From slowing down my pace to eating a favorite meal, or doing anything that lifts my spirits; it is all welcomed. I may read something new or reread a favorite book, enjoy nature… I take a short break from writing and reconnect with life. I spend more time with my cats, call a friend, treat myself to a new writing gadget, and so on. Such activities may seem mundane but these certainly help me. How you nourish your writing is a personal ritual, and of course, different for every writer. Nourish the writer, nourish the craft.

Writer’s Wisdom 49

A place for everything and everything in its place …

Organization – Oh, the dreaded word!  Do you spend unnecessary time looking for writing material, tools, or that article that you know you wrote but can’t seem to find now?  If your answer is YES, then you are wasting valuable writing time. 

For many, writing is their full-time occupation and what brings the bread to the table.  Producing quality material and meeting deadlines, is of the essence.  If you fall into this category, then you need to organize your writing environment – that being a desk, an office or the kitchen table.

When you waste time looking for “stuff” you might end up frustrated and this affects your writing mood and quality, and of course, your productivity.  I am not talking about having a neat and sterilized working place; some people cannot work on such environment.  What I am talking about is a place where you know where everything you need to accomplish your task is located and you can retrieve it with ease.  It should make some sense to you and make your work flow easier. 

Organization can be a writer’s best ally; it certainly will help your productivity and disposition throughout the day.

Writer’s Wisdom 48

The Role of Music in Writing

Music can inspire you, influence you, and help your mood while writing a piece.  Despite your taste in music or writing style, you can use music to create a mood in a scene or a chapter of a novel.  Are you writing poetry or a Love affair?  Try some romantic music.  How about a dangerous scene?  Try some fast hard rock.  Keep your pen and your feet dancing – and your muse shaking.

Writer’s Wisdom 47

Making a writing list

Ever ran out of material to write?  Or experienced writer’s block?  You are not alone, most writers have.  There are many ways to attack writer’s block (see other postings here), but now, I will talk about a simple and easy way to have material at hand – always.  It is called a writing list.

What is it?  It is a list of ideas or themes, as simple as that.

How do I make such a list?  Well, there is a simple and fast way to do it, anytime and anywhere.  Even when you are waiting for a doctor’s appointment.  This is how to do it.

Pen and paper in hand, for a minute or two (look at your watch), start writing every word, theme or idea that crosses your mind.  It has to be fast, do not think about it, just write anything that comes to mind.  When the time is up, look at your list and number it.  Everything in that list can be turn into an article, a poem, a novel, a piece of writing.  When you ran out of ideas, take your list out and look at number one in your list.  Write about it.  And so on.

You can repeat this process any day, at any time, and anywhere.  I assure you that you will always have material for your writings.