Writer’s Wisdom 65

Character’s Point of View

When writing fiction it is important to consider your character’s point of view – where is he/she coming from?  The life experience and the amount of detail of who he/she is, determines how the character moves throughout the story.  A character that grew up and lives in the slums will know little about social etiquette or let’s say, playing golf (unless the character is learning that particular skill and of course it would part of the story).  For example, you cannot write a chapter where this same character – with no previous golf experience – will beat a golf pro in a game (unless you are planning to include some special magical abilities in the story, or paranormal, such as re-incarnation or past lives) – you get the point. 

Make your characters believable, alive and your readers will identify with them.

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Wisdom 65

  1. My blog is mostly physician bluegrass fiction, but I do have some golf stories, and posted one today.

    My novel, “The Mandolin Case,” is a medical legal mystery solved by musicians, but also has some true fiction golf chapters. It has several reviews posted on Amazon.

    Dr. B

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