Writer’s Wisdom 67

Between the lines … a Writer’s Heartbeat

While reading a fellow writer’s article on how much of a writer’s life and beliefs are reflected on a piece of writing (see link below) it dawn on me that the adage “we are open books” is not so far from a writer’s truth.  I agreed with the premise and my comment to her was the following:  “There is always some truth about the writer hidden in a piece. Even when the piece is written on a subject totally alien to the writer. I find poetry a good example of this. You can express anything on a poem, even something that does not agree with your values (such as a poem about betrayal) – but somehow a writer’s truth will emerge between the lines. Other times, the writer let’s it all out.”

Soon a question emerged – how much of yourself do you let others see in between the lines?  And when is much too much?  The answer is as unique as an individual’s privacy and disclosure preferences.  And as a reader, how much do I want to know about that writer?  And again, the answer is as unique as that particular reader. 

There is also one thing to consider – with every heart beat amongst the lines, there is an image of a writer being born to the reader – growing, and developing.  Mind those beats.

Here is her article.