Writer’s Wisdom 71


Most writers are also avid book readers.  The amount of time that we spend reading is above average.  We also love the feel of a book, and yes, the smell.  I appreciate the new technology on electronic books, but nothing compared to handling a tome.  This got me thinking that many of us are not familiar with the proper names for the parts that make up a book – the physical parts.  So, I decided to make this post and include an image to point them out.  In this case, pictures say more than words.  Here it is. 

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Wisdom 71

  1. If you are trying to publish that novel you should not post it. If you get a publisher, then you could get into legal issues, since the publisher’s profit would be compromised and so your agent. If it is a totally different book or novel, and you are not planning to publish thru a publisher/agent then you can publish by yourself or post in your blog. But once it is out there it is out there for good. Just take into consideration that when you enter into a contract with a publisher it is legally binded and bound to what the contract estipulated when you sign it. Hope this helps with your question.

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