Writer’s Wisdom 100

Are your challenges for writing excuses?

Here it is the 100 post of the Writer’s Wisdom series.  It has been my joy to write them and I hope that you have enjoyed them too.  I chose this topic for this post because we make hundreds of excuses about our writing.  Sometimes, we disguise them and call them challenges.  We all have real challenges, however when we use excuses as challenges, we hurt ourselves and our work.  This applies to writing, but also, to everything in our lives.

Are we using our dated computer as an excuse?  Our lack of control over the assignments we take?  The book that won’t write itself because the Muse seems to be on strike?  Or maybe it is the neighbor that plays loud music and does not let you focus? – (earplugs do exist).

Whatever our challenges are, we should look at them as opportunities to grow in our craft and not as excuses.  Whatever our excuses are, we should not dress them in “challenge attire,” but face them instead.

Everyone has challenges, every one of us makes excuses at one point in our lives; it is what we do with them that will hinder or promote our growth.

Happy Writing!

2 thoughts on “Writer’s Wisdom 100

  1. Happy 100, and excellent advice! Seems like a lot of people are writing about the “challenges” lately…,or maybe they always are, and I’m just noticing it now since I’m going through a “bust my excuse” time period of my own…

  2. Thanks. Challenges and excuses will always be; taming and conquering them is the real challenge. Thanks for stopping by. 🙂

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