Slow Down

Self made rainbow, made in home garden.

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Many times I find myself rushing thru the day, even when there is plenty of time.  I have found myself writing a mile a minute when I could simply slow down the keyboard speed and let my thoughts flow.  Why is this?  I used to be a “take my time, smell the roses” person.  Somehow, I ended up in a frantic speed that certainly does not make sense.  When I look at people around me as I run errands, I see myself, rushing, running – when there is plenty of time.  The other day, I slowed down a bit, I realized that I had missed a lot of colorful roses along the way, because I went by too fast to notice them.  One thing is for sure, as I slowed down, spirit started talking, inspiration began to flow, and life’s colors started to paint a beautiful picture. 

Slowing down might be one of the best things we do to tap into our inspiring source.  It makes you stop and look at things in a different speed, the eye shutter lets light in and suddenly colors appear fresh.  Today, I invite all you to slow down a bit, and take in the air, the picture, the beauty of life around you.   No matter what your circumstances might be, when you slow down, you are forced to see, to listen, to taste, to smell, and to use whatever senses you have.

Bookmarks Ideas

Victorian, 1885

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Love to read?  Always out of bookmarks?  Hate to dog-ear pages?  Hate to use pieces of paper?  Are you fastidious about your bookmarks?

For an easy way to have tons of bookmarks available when you need them set up a space near your reading nook – the space could be a drawer, an envelope, any space that will be near your reading area.  Next, go thru your old birthday cards, christmas cards …  Select the ones that you love.  Cut the front and toss the rest.  Use the pretty side of the card as a bookmark.  Don’t forget to use this year holiday cards for that purpose.

Another idea is to save the ribbon from gifts and use it as a bookmark.  Other cool ideas are favorite pictures of your pets, the spines of old books, a deck of cards, tiny calendars, pretty vintage seed packets …

For an elegant homemade bookmark, buy old leather books at a flea market, take the spines and cut them out.  Insert a ribbon at the top and there you have it – a unique bookmark with an old flair.