Bookmarks Ideas

Victorian, 1885

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Love to read?  Always out of bookmarks?  Hate to dog-ear pages?  Hate to use pieces of paper?  Are you fastidious about your bookmarks?

For an easy way to have tons of bookmarks available when you need them set up a space near your reading nook – the space could be a drawer, an envelope, any space that will be near your reading area.  Next, go thru your old birthday cards, christmas cards …  Select the ones that you love.  Cut the front and toss the rest.  Use the pretty side of the card as a bookmark.  Don’t forget to use this year holiday cards for that purpose.

Another idea is to save the ribbon from gifts and use it as a bookmark.  Other cool ideas are favorite pictures of your pets, the spines of old books, a deck of cards, tiny calendars, pretty vintage seed packets …

For an elegant homemade bookmark, buy old leather books at a flea market, take the spines and cut them out.  Insert a ribbon at the top and there you have it – a unique bookmark with an old flair.