Turning Point


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It took some time to master the courage to follow my dream of writing – and going through many jobs as well.  There are three things that I love – Writing, Real Estate, and Art – of this I am sure.  Writing is me, Real Estate is pure beauty, and Art is an outlet.

When I decided to write, my goal was to write my first novel.  I am happy to say that I did that and I started my second novel.  During that time, I got distracted doing other assignments – all related to my love of writing –  however, this has taken me away from my dream of becoming a novelist and it has taken all my time, leaving me with little time to write my next novel.

It dawned on me that  I had deviated from my dream and that I was at a turning point – I realized that I had to turn back.  Many times, we set sail on the right path to later discover that we have deviated from it doing something similar to what we were set out to do in the beginning.  Once more, we find ourselves mustering the courage to turn back, and setting up the sails to a different wind.

Emergency Kit Must Have

Recently, I gave my husband an emergency radio – a model by the American Red Cross that I think should be in every household.  This radio is well made, has an attractive look, is compact, and works great.  It has three ways for power – battery, solar, and cranking handle.  You can switch between the three power sources.  I like this features because you cannot always count on batteries.  In addition, it has a flashlight and flasher built in, and you can switch to the weather band in several areas.  It has the radio, of course, but what I like about it is that it sounds clear, loud enough. 

The American Red Cross radio also has a clock and alarm.  I am pleased with the radio and Eddie loves it too.  I got it at the local Home Depot but you can probably found it online too.  With all the craziness in the weather these days, you never know when you would need this gadget.  Here are pictures of the radio in case you want one too.

Roses by Magic

A rose bush.

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Sitting at my computer for long hours is a bit tiring, so I try to walk around the house, for short breaks or to get some  coffee.  Today, I glanced outside thru the screen door that leads to the backyard.  I was pleasantly surprised to see the rose-bush full of dark red roses – a magical blanket of red.  When did it happen?  As if by magic, the rose-bush that was just sticks a few weeks ago, turned into a marvel of nature.  Although I was not paying attention, the change did not happen from one day to the next – it took some time; slowly the lush leaves appeared, and later, the breathtaking roses.

This gave me some insight.  I thought, sometimes, we worry so much when we are following our call, specially when we don’t see results right away.  We tend to shrivel, to dry, and forget that the growth happens slowly; and just as those roses one day appeared in all their splendor, so it will happen if we continue our path and let growth and bloom happen naturally.