On Being Your Own Cheerleader

Many times, people find themselves in a sea of uncertainty about their dreams and goals.  Many times, the uncertainty comes from outside sources – from the naysayers that have managed to bury the seed of doubt in the dreamer’s heart.  If you are a dreamer that is working hard towards the goal, it is up to you to toughen up and grow some roses in your heart – their thorns will suffocate the weed that is trying to grow from the seed that naysayers planted there.

Many times, you will have to be your own cheerleader, maybe even the only one.  When others fail you, you can always count on you.  But when you feel as if you have failed yourself, it is because you have let many weeds grow in the garden of your heart.  Start weeding out and you will find again your dream.

Technology – Big Brother or Big Sister?

Security camera at London (Heathrow) Airport. ...

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Much has been said about Big Brother, surveillance, and the intrusion of others in our private lives.  However, must of us embrace technology, and the latest fun and new gadgets in the market.  We play with them, we love them, get mad at them when they don’t work properly or when we don’t know how to use them, can’t live with them, can’t live without them …

From chips in cell phones that can track our every move, to surveillance cameras in the streets, to chips that can store our likes and dislikes and cater to our whims by sending just the right advertising piece, … we are being watched, like it or not.  However, it is not the feeling of distrust that Big Brother suggests, but more like the Big Sister that protect us, likes us, and to whom we look up to.  We embrace her, we play with her, we love her, and we get mad at her sometimes, but soon we forget.  Technology has become our Big Sister.