Day 2 – Awesome WordPress Bloggers


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Today, I dedicate this post to C2C – Courage to Create by Ollin Morales.  This is one awesome blog that has many followers and in which you will find great information about writing, but also much inspiration to keep going.  A writer’s world is not an easy one, and C2C manages to give you the courage to continue in your writing journey.

I like this blog because it talks to the reader, it presents information and great tips, but also manages to make the topics personal and real.  It features writing topics, many writing guests, as well as great insight from the author.

C2C has a light, realistic, and encouraging tone and manages to keep real but informative throughout the author’s writing journey.  I think it is also innovative in the way it approaches many writing topics, pointing not only to the writing tasks, but also to the whole that is the writer’s life.  So there, you will find the information you need but also great insight and perspective.  Visit C2C and see for yourself.