7 Tips to Deal with Your Creative Anxiety

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People who are artistic and creative may tend to get anxious at times; I am one of those people.  We tend to over think, over analyze, many times about our art or endeavors, although that may seem as a contradiction.  Creative people are not as flaky as many times they have been misrepresented – if anything I would accuse my self of being silently overly dramatic.  There are many reasons why anxiety might try to creep into your day and ways in which you can deal with it.  Sometimes, it is just a matter of putting order in your day and in your mind.

  1. A creative or artistic person who stops creating ends filled up and ready to explode.  This will lead to a feeling of anxiety and uneasiness.  Keep creating; it may be your bread and butter but also an outlet.
  2. Artistic people love beauty and we see beauty in the oddest of places and objects.  Many creative people are shopaholics.  This may become a source of anxiety – even if you are overspending on work supplies.  We need to control spending because it creeps up in a feeling of guilt; that is a source for anxiety, since many artists and writers are in a controlled budget.
  3. Respect what you do; it is not a hobby (if applicable), it is your job.  When we don’t treat our day as a work day and give it the seriousness that it deserves we are inviting others to think of and view our art/work  as a hobby.  This will come back to haunt the artist/writer and be a source of anxiety as well.  And this takes us to number 4.
  4. Money is necessary but it is not all.  Many times, for the creative person, results are more valuable than money; however it starts with how you view what you do.
  5. Give some structure to your day.  Many creative people refuse to work with a tight schedule or agenda; however, working with none is dangerous as well.  Find a balance to what works for you.  Plan your workday but also leave room for changes and variety – nothing worst for creativity than falling into a rut, it can shut you down.
  6. Take a break during the day.  Do something unrelated; it keeps you sane and happy.
  7. Don’t forget to give thanks.  Start your day by being thankful for everything and you will see a difference in the way your day goes by.  You will approach your art/work with a positive vibe.

I wrote this post with the artists and writers on mind; however, this may apply to your passion, whatever that may be.

6 thoughts on “7 Tips to Deal with Your Creative Anxiety

  1. Glad that the post was useful to you; I hope that you find your balance and continue creating – each person is different and therefore has to find her/his own. Much success and peace to you. Blessings.

  2. I have found that many times, most times, I create my own anxiety – just a reaction and can be eliminated if I look at it for what it is – just a reaction.

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