About Isolation and Inspiration

Namib desert dunes

Namib desert dunes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IsolationTo cause to be alone or apart … (from the American Heritage Dictionary)

InspirationThe excitement of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity … (see American Heritage Dictionary)

When we look at the common definition of these words, it is easy to see the relationship between being isolated and becoming inspired.  One can lead to the next or may cancel the other.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove yourself from the daily grind for a while and look for solitude, to isolate yourself, to be able to reconnect with the source of inspiration.

Sometimes, too much isolation can kill inspiration.  This happens when isolation has led to boredom or lack of excitement, rendering the mind and soul victims of lethargic existence.

While a dose of separation from the world is good from time to time, an overdose will kill the spirit, which needs a flow of the senses, a flow of ideas, to create and rejoice on its creation/inspiration.

Isolation can fuel inspiration in short doses, but it can kill creativity when it becomes self-imposed for long.  A bit of both is refreshing to the soul.

Have you experience this relationship between the two?  Feel free to relate your writing or artistic experience.