Getting Ready for Hurricane Sandy

It is Sunday, but the sky is already dark, the wind is picking up, and critters are taking shelter.  Hurricane Sandy is scheduled to hit our area starting Monday night to Tuesday, but I can tell that this is different from last storm, Irene.  Right now, it is very windy and dark.  This storm is different; it is very wide, slow, has powerful winds, and comes with lots of water/rain.  Experts have called it “significant life threatening surge” referring to the waves and possible flooding in low areas.  We are getting ready for the storm since we are in a coastal town – Cliffwood Beach.  Here is how we have prepared so far.

Large windows and glass doors are getting hexed.  The Star of David is a powerful symbol of protection, so why not tape our windows and doors by using it.

The pantry is stocked with necessities and there is extra pet food, litter, cat treats, and extra water. (There is more pet food than human food – LOL)

I cut flowers from the garden to ease the cabin fever blues.

Lanterns, flashlights, laptop, meds, paper for writing, extra batteries, emergency radio … all checked.

I will have plenty of time to start reading this treasure that I obtained recently – The Royal Path to Life – an 1800’s thick volume that is the equivalent to a bible for a happy and productive life, according to the times.  Can’t wait to read this beauty.


Because we are a bit worried about this Frankenstorm or Mega storm or The Perfect Storm as the news reports are calling it, we need to have some kind of childish therapy to make us feel a bit better, so we got Glow bracelets to wear.

This morning I went to the beach to take some pictures and video and the wind had made a natural pathway of leaves leading the way.

The sky is getting dark and it is early morning, the winds are picking up.

The birds are trying to land, the wind is a bit strong and they fly very slow.

Sea Foam tries to form.

I hope that the storm weakens and that there is no damage to lives (human/critters) and property.




The Kids and the Seagulls

Seagulls in Grand Marais

Seagulls in Grand Marais (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If you have followed this blog, by now you know that I am an observer of life.  Sometimes, this is not so good as I tend to ponder if there is redemption for the human species.  Some behavior I don’t understand at times.  Over the weekend, my husband and I drove to a spot at the shore where we like to sit and watch the water, seagulls … and sometimes, we drink our coffee there too.  That day, they were just a few people walking along the shoreline – a woman collecting driftwood, a couple walking, and just a few people conversing sitting on a bench nearby.  The boats were sliding beautifully throughout the waters, and tons of seagulls were resting on the sand close to the water.  It was peaceful.  It was a beautiful sight.

Suddenly, I hear the cheerful noise of three kids heading towards the beach.  They were about 9-11 years old, at the most, possibly younger.  They appeared innocently cute, and I was enjoying the sight of their young energy and friendship.  They walked to the beach, and stood a couple of feet away from the seagulls, watching.  It would have made for the composition of a beautiful painting.  Out of the sudden, their behavior changed, and they started running towards the seagulls, startling them, and one of them even throwing rocks or shells at the birds.  And this is the part when I become puzzled, and my heart, that wants to believe that we deserve to be part of this planet, aches because once more, I see that we are a selfish and undeserving species, one that cannot appreciate beauty, and finds entertainment and contentment in destruction.

The kids ran at a distance and headed to climb some rocks, until they disappeared from my horizon.  There were no seagulls, they flew away, scattered, some into the ocean, others landed at a safe distance.  The beauty of the moment was ruined by the future of humanity, and I was left with an aching heart.


Don’t Undervalue Your Art

Mass-produced hamburgers.

Mass-produced hamburgers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Would you sell your soul for a penny?  I think most of us would answer NO to that question.  To me, Art comes from the soul, whether it is a novel, a painting, a handmade piece.  When an artist creates a piece, he/she pours soul into it.  I wrote artist, because there is a difference between someone making something for commercial purposes, mass-produced, rushed, or repetitive, and someone who pours his/her soul into creating something.  I can see this in the self-publishing industry, were writers are taking advantage of the boom, and writing quantity, many times, priced very low, hoping to get momentum and creating a stream of constant flow of income.  There is nothing wrong with that, if that is what someone wants to do; however, when you love the craft and pour your soul into it, most likely, quantity will not matter.

That is the difference between product and art, the soul’s passion that goes into it.  Of course, eventually, an art piece/novel becomes a product in the market and will generate income, however, for the artist, the rewards go deeper than that.  It is the satisfaction of presenting art to the public, knowing that it is a part of him/her and has been crafted in due time – when it is ready and perfect enough in his/her eyes, to be released.

A hobby can be easily commercialized, mass-produced if you want; art is beyond that, bigger than money, however of value, extending from the inner self of the artist and going as far as it can reach the souls of others, and therefore, not disposable, but becoming immortal in the souls of those who appreciate it.

Ask yourself, am I an artist or a production leader?


Thank You!

Today, I noticed that Inkspeare hit 100 follows, and I want to say to all of you who follow this blog or visit from time to time – THANK YOU! I am very happy to have met you through this platform and look forward to continue on this writing journey, sharing and exchanging ideas/posts with all of you.  🙂 You all rock!

This, I wrote for you.

May your journey gifts you wisdom,

may your road be full of roses,

may the breeze caress you gently,

if the climb might leave you breathless.

May you prosper and find sweetness,

and your days be filled with glee,

may Love, Hope, Joy, and Forgiveness,

take you where the road meets dreams.

Much love,