The Lemons of Life

English: Lemons Español: Linomes

English: Lemons Español: Linomes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If life gives you lemons, you either go with the rest and make lemonade, or you play with them, juggle a few minutes, make tea, make a pomander/potpourri with them, or whatever it is that fits your lemon best.

I thought that we were all a part of everything, but I realized that this only made us a piece of the puzzle. Today, I understood that it is all a process, and we are all it. We are the process, not just part of it. Somehow lemonade seems boring now.


7 thoughts on “The Lemons of Life

    • LOL, more than I expected, that is why I have to be creative with my lemons 🙂 – an adventure in living.

    • I always say, if you look inside the lemon, you find seeds, and seeds are ready to sprout – the start of new things to come, anew 🙂

      • Beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say and how we look at different things in so many different ways says a lot about our perception of things. Thanks for a lovely post and have a lovely long weekend.

  1. Great post! I never thought of it like that. I love your positivity and creative thinking. I will remember this in future when life hands out the inevitable lemons.
    Thanks again for the the post.

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