A Big OOPS! and the Shameless Seagulls are Back

Ok, sometimes the simple things are the most confusing. I have a Facebook account and I had an Author’s Page in Facebook. Months ago, I canceled the Author’s Page, thinking that it would be the same as my Facebook account and I don’t like duplicates. I thought it was just like Twitter. I thought, “why not just have the Facebook account; why do I need a page?” So I closed the page. Little did I know that no one can reach my Facebook account without being invited first, not the case with a FB Page. Therefore, all my links were not working (a big Ha, ha), and no one could reach the account. It was only after clicking on my links and getting the message of “This content is unavailable, that I asked my Aunt (a Facebook connoisseur and avid FB user) that she told me what was wrong. I laughed out loud (no pun intended).

So, despite liking simplicity, not duplicating, I recognize the need for a Facebook Page, so I reopened it and was able to change the links on this blog and add the widget. Ha, nothing is as easy as it seems. Just wanted to share in case any of you ( I doubt that) made the same mistake.

On an unrelated topic, here is a picture of the Shameless Seagulls, an example of shameless (or shameful) promo for your novels.

photo by MAD

photo by MAD


In addition, I wanted to let you know that I am giving away an e-book (Bits of Inspiration for Indies) on my website. If you would like it, click here and it will take you there. Click on the About/contact tab and request it.

And last, I want to thank all the readers and followers of this blog; I never take anything for granted and truly enjoy the WordPress family.  Every time I see a new click or a new follow it brings a smile. I think that this is such an amazing venue to share and meet bits of someone’s world, and I enjoy doing so. So a big Hooray to that. That is all I had to say today.

4 thoughts on “A Big OOPS! and the Shameless Seagulls are Back

  1. Always like to hear about old farm houses.
    We had one in the late 70s. Go to Google Map. Type Geyer, Ohio. Our house was the one on the south side of Geyer Drive Road about 3/10 of a mile west of State Route 65. The field to the west of us blew a lot of snow in the driveway during the winter. I sure miss that.

  2. I checked it out, is it the one near 108A marking? It is all farmland there,so open, and just a few houses. It must have been a beautiful scenery in winter as well.

  3. Yes, with the woods directly to the east. It wasn’t quite that large when we lived there. A lot of good memories. I recall deer showing up on foggy mornings in our backyard.

  4. Lovely. I have to say that when we finally move, I will miss the Jersey beach (it is too expensive here), which is at walking distance for me. There, it will take me two and a half hours to get to the beach, and about 50 mins to the nearest lake; however it will be a nice change of pace and scenery. However I am petrified thinking about black widow spiders, and I have seen quite a few already there. It truly worries me because I am not used to it.

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