A Happy Coincidence

Sometimes, writing takes life on its own. With my first novel, Moonlit Valley, I felt as if the story wrote itself. The characters presented themselves, and I dare to say, named themselves. The writing process is different for everyone, and I have to say that I enjoyed the writing of that first novel; it was an adventure. After a while, I went back and looked at it with different eyes. I found symbolism in it, and a happy coincidence with some of the character’s names. When I looked at the common meaning of their names, what I found intrigued me and excited me. The meaning match the character in an almost eerie coincidence; it is how I imagined them. Here are a few of the names. If you read Moonlit Valley, you will understand what I mean.

  • Jeremy = God will uplift
  • Rose = Flower
  • Cole Angelou = Victorious + Angel
  • Lara = Cheerful
  • Hael = Immense/living in hall
  • Dinorah = Judgement
  • Leah = Weary
  • Olga = Holy
  • Anne = Gracious
  • Maurice = Dark skinned (I imagined this character tall and dark)
  • Jake = Pale/supplanter
  • Robert (town’s mayor) = Famous (of importance)

I found very amusing the coincidence of the meaning matching the characters and my idea of them. After all, writing is a very profound and spiritual endeavor, an act of letting go, of listening, and of invention and communion between writer and characters/story.



4 thoughts on “A Happy Coincidence

  1. Writing is a gift & you use you gift very well. It is a spiritual endeavor & the most satisfying when the inspiration is ignited by the Lord. Does the Lord write our books, I dare say not … but the gift is given & we account according to our faith. I too really enjoy the ‘writing process’ & have found it very therapeutic & fulfilling at the same time. Thank you for sharing your gift here in WordPress. I pray you all the blessings accordingly!

  2. Hello, thank you for stopping by. Thank you so much for you kind words. When I think about writing, it answers the question – What is the thing that I wouldn’t mind doing forever? – It is not easy, a lot of work, and without instant gratification, but I love it. The WordPress community is awesome too!

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