Bovine Rant

Poetic rant.


Photo by M.A.D.

Photo by M.A.D.


Bovine Rant


It was at times when I did not follow the herd that I was ignored.

At times when I walked to the beat of my tune that no one heard my voice.

When I painted my picture that eyes were shut.

When I opened my door that other shut theirs.

It was at times when I disagreed, that silence befell.

The rest of the time, the pasture was green.

It was the hardest lesson I understood,

Stepping into my journey did not make me bad,

And refusing to judge got me out of the barn.


Maria Antonia Diaz

4 thoughts on “Bovine Rant

  1. I really like the metaphor here. Following the herd isn’t something I’m good at but neither do I want to stand out. Following your own path is hard sometimes but it’s better than just following the herd mindlessly. You depicted a conflict here that many can empathise with.

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