The Five-dollar Miracle Promo Cards

Over the years, I have made a habit of making promo cards when I publish a book. I don’t go overboard; I order 25-50 cards at a time, and when I am running low I order another set. It is something I do to promote my books. I am not active on social media, so this is a small way of doing something.  I keep them at hand, and when the opportunity arises I hand them out, sometimes inside a free copy of one of my novels. These are the ones for The Five-dollar Miracle. I think they came out nice.


Photo by M.A.D.

It may not be something at large scale, but it is something I enjoy doing, and gets the word out in a more tangible and personal way. In any case, it serves as a free bookmark. There are many print services online that you can use and are cost efficient. They are also user friendly, and the many ways in which you can promote your work using various products is unlimited. It is something that authors can use to promote their work. Something to consider if you are not too busy or involved in social media.