Needle Felting Critters

Since I discovered needle felting, I have been hooked.  I admire the artists who transform a ball of wool into something, with the only instrument of a needle.  To me, this was very interesting as I could not understand, at the beginning, how you could get the wool to behave as you wished by just poking it.  If you have touched raw wool you know that it is hard to shape, especially the very soft kind, which unravels in your fingers.  Once intrigued enough, I had to find out.  I did and I love it.  I have created a few needle felting critters, which I call Woodland Magical Critters.  My last one was a baby butterfly fairy, called Tinselfly.  Here is a picture of her.

She has real butterfly wings (recycled-no butterflies were harmed in the making of this piece)

Here are pictures of my other needle felted sculptures.

My first try at felting was Astor Mousenfly.

Then came Buttons Wingly.

Followed by Milady Bugsy

and this Winged Valentine.

I think that I will continue to make these critters or other needle felted things, as I am still loving this craft.  If you are interested in any of these critters they are available in my shop

If you want to try something new I think this art will keep you busy, delighted, and will crank your creativity – you never know what will come out of that piece of wool, if you just let it be.

I hope that you enjoyed this post.

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