Monarch Butterflies 3 – The Mystery is Solved

This morning, I noticed more Monarch butterfly wings on the ground below the butterfly bush.  This only means that they died overnight.  I picked them up and decided to look at the tree to see if I could explain why this is happening.  It wasn’t until I was checking out the butterfly tree for a second time around that I noticed a green leaf move slowly.  I checked it out and there it was – the culprit, a Preying Mantis.  Although Monarchs are supposed to be poisonous, this little guy seems to have found a way around that.

I decided to  check this out and it seems that Preying Mantis have adapted to eat Monarchs.  I found this video in YouTube, which tells the story and it certainly happens at a blue butterfly bush.  Check out the link here

Here is a picture of my little guest (not so little) who is having a huge food fest.

It is a bit tricky to see the Mantis because she is perfectly camouflage.  Focus on the center of the picture and there it is, in a vertical position heads down.

So the mystery is solved, and although I still feel sad about the fate of the butterflies, at least I am glad that the Mantis is surviving – it is the natural course of things, the cycle of life.

Inspiration by Image

Ever felt uninspired to write?  I am sure you have; I have too.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little visual stimulation.  Look at an image or picture in front of you and think of a story, or a poem, relating it to the image.  Let your imagination run free and see where it lands you.  Here is an image to start.  However, the world around you is an image, and if you do not have the visual sense and are blind, then your ears become your eyes – sound becomes a story.

Today’s inspirational picture is