Inspiration by Image

Ever felt uninspired to write?  I am sure you have; I have too.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little visual stimulation.  Look at an image or picture in front of you and think of a story, or a poem, relating it to the image.  Let your imagination run free and see where it lands you.  Here is an image to start.  However, the world around you is an image, and if you do not have the visual sense and are blind, then your ears become your eyes – sound becomes a story.

Today’s inspirational picture is

2 thoughts on “Inspiration by Image

  1. thanks for the photo
    i’ll share my thoughts hereto.

    the journey may be long
    but it’s in now where i belong
    i may do things wrong
    but i’ll keep moving on
    and heed God’s love songs

  2. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your words of inspiration. This is exactly what I am talking about – you produced a lovely piece of poetry by just looking at that image. Great, and well done! Bravo!

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