About Creativity and Appreciation

Creativity – Characterized by originality and expressiveness; imaginative (American Heritage Dictionary)

Appreciation – Recognition of the quality, value, significance, or magnitude of people and things.  (American Heritage Dictionary)

Looking at those definitions, one can see the close relation between the two words.  When we create something, whatever that may be, we put ourselves into that project; we give much effort, and there is a sense of pride in the very depth of our artistic soul.  Many times, we are so proud of our work that we want to share it with the world, or with friends and family – many times, there is no feedback, many times, it seems as if no one is listening.  There is no appreciation.

And that takes us to the definition of appreciation and why a bit of appreciation goes a long way.  Artists/writers are emotional and very creative people, whether they show it on the outside or not.  Lack of feedback or appreciation can weaken the artist’s spirit.  It may seem as if a vortex has swallowed his/her precious efforts and no one seems to notice.  What’s worse is that the artist/writer identifies with his/her work so deeply that lack of appreciation translates into lack of esteem/love/appreciation towards the artist-persona, or the human behind the work or piece of art.  Therefore, we as writers/artists tend to suffer when our work is ignored, not recognize or praised, and we may fall into artistic self-pity or worst, depression and lack of motivation, which can only lead to artist or writer’s block and the false belief that “we are just not good enough.”

Next time you are feeling so low in relation to your art or writing, think of why you are feeling that way.  It may be that you are lacking a bit of appreciation from the ones who matter most, or even from yourself.  If others fail to verbalize appreciation for your work (many times this is the form of appreciation that we pay close attention to or notice the most), then look at the image in the mirror, smile, and know that whom you see is capable of much, much more, and has an eternal creative spirit that wants to keep going.

About Isolation and Inspiration

Namib desert dunes

Namib desert dunes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

IsolationTo cause to be alone or apart … (from the American Heritage Dictionary)

InspirationThe excitement of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity … (see American Heritage Dictionary)

When we look at the common definition of these words, it is easy to see the relationship between being isolated and becoming inspired.  One can lead to the next or may cancel the other.

Sometimes, it is necessary to remove yourself from the daily grind for a while and look for solitude, to isolate yourself, to be able to reconnect with the source of inspiration.

Sometimes, too much isolation can kill inspiration.  This happens when isolation has led to boredom or lack of excitement, rendering the mind and soul victims of lethargic existence.

While a dose of separation from the world is good from time to time, an overdose will kill the spirit, which needs a flow of the senses, a flow of ideas, to create and rejoice on its creation/inspiration.

Isolation can fuel inspiration in short doses, but it can kill creativity when it becomes self-imposed for long.  A bit of both is refreshing to the soul.

Have you experience this relationship between the two?  Feel free to relate your writing or artistic experience.


Equalizing Your Relationship

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Equalizing To make equal (as defined by the American Heritage Dictionary). 

I was pondering the success or failure of many relationships, even the ones that seem like a match made in heaven, but fail.  I wondered why.  There are many reasons for that, I assume – financial, infidelity … the list is long.  However, there must be a constant that can encompass all those reasons.  The word equalizing seems to cover that ground.

I have never been a fan of the 50/50 rule for couples.  I don’t think it is real, and I don’t think it works.  In a relationship, there is never a 50/50 give or take.  Simply put, we are not machines, we do not function as exact mathematical equations, it is just not natural.  This is why I think that the word equalizing makes more sense.

In trying to make something equal, one most try to balance, stabilize, counterbalance, and steady what is not.  Therefore, it is a matter of both individuals working together to try to balance or equalize an issue.

In the 50/50 deal, a couple will try to give half effort, in hopes that the other will put in the other half – this never works out that exact way, someone always puts in a bit more or less – 40/60%, 30/70%, 80/20% …  This is turn, can result in resentment on one of the parts, disagreements, turmoil …

Equalizing relationships without looking for a 50/50 solution will help both parties contribute the part that is missing, and hopefully, the percentages of contribution will fluctuate between both individuals and balance (equalize) the relationship.   But that is just my humble opinion.