Writer’s Wisdom – first of a series

After sitting down for hours, drinking coffee and watching best seller authors on You Tube, and many others being interviewed, I was able to compile their best advice for aspiring writers.  Although, these writers have many different writing styles, they all seem to converge on some important basic points that I intend to share with you.  So, let’s see what they had to say.

The recommendation that they all seem to stress as most important was:  Write, write, write.

The advice is to write every day.  It doesn’t matter if you stare at a blank screen (or page), for a few minutes (or hours), just sit down and start writing whatever thoughts cross your mind.  If you are writing a book, write something everyday; no matter if it is for a few minutes, just write.  As long as you start hitting the keyboard or scratching the paper, something will come out.  Ideas come an go, maybe some of them for another book, or another article.  At its worst, there will be plenty of material to ponder over.

Follow me tomorrow for more of their tips.  Happy Writing !