Writer’s Wisdom 3

Send hundreds of queries!

Don’t take no for an answer, keep at it.  Eventually you will get a yes!

That is the advice of many seasoned published authors, unless you plan to become an independent or self-published author. It may sound obvious, but many will stop short of that.  If you love writing, but also intend to become a published author, then you have to send hundreds of queries if you don’t get answers right away.  Perseverance and focus are of the essence here.  For some, it goes faster than others.  It took Janet Evanovich, ten years going at it.  It took Stephenie Meyer, a few queries (less than 20).  Both of them are exceptional best selling authors.  However, if you love writing, are passionate about it, and can’t see yourself doing anything, but write, then approach each day with a smile, exercise your keyboard (or pen), arm yourself with the latest copy of the Writer’s Market (or go to writersmarket.com), and keep at it, eventually you’ll get a yes.

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