Writer’s Wisdom 17

Pen Names

A pen name is as significant as an author’s style.  Wether you use a pen name or your own name, it will identify you with your genre.  Some authors write under different pen names for different genres.  A good example of this is Jayne Ann Krentz, who also writes under the pen names of Jayne Castle, and Amanda Quick.  Some of her books are:  Running Hot (Jayne Ann Krentz), Dark Light (Jayne Castle), and The Perfect Poison (Amanda Quick).

Another good example is Lori Foster or L.L. Foster.  Some of her work:  Servant The Kindred (L.L. Foster) and Jude’s Law (Lori Foster).  In 2007 she launched a new urban fantasy series under the name of L.L. Foster (her darker pen name).

These are good examples of best-selling authors, using different pen names for different genres.  Some authors will stick with a genre and a pen name, others will shake things up between genres and pen names.

3 thoughts on “Writer’s Wisdom 17

  1. I have a real aversion to pen names/pseudonyms. I’m aware that some very fine writers have employed them but I want my real name on everything I write (including postings on the internet, I never hide behind safe anonymity).

    Any book or writing project I would resist putting my name on probably isn’t worth publishing. I take responsibility for what I release and when it’s bad, I’ll to take my fair share of blame…

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