Writer’s Wisdom 25

James Patterson

Today’s spot is dedicated to James Patterson– a genius writer.  With 47 New York Times best selling titles, and more than 170 million books sold worldwide, he seems to be unstoppable and would hold the title of Muse’s King, if there was such.  Is #1 on the New York Times adult fiction and children’s chapter books best seller lists. 

His method is something out of this world.  He is known to have over 15 books going on at the same time, while working on them simultaneously.  Sometimes, doing up to 10 drafts.  He co-authors, and has mention in some interviews that he keeps a file with over three thousand ideas for books.   His outlines are 30-40 pages long; according to him, to keep him organized.  He is a writing machine! 

But not only, is he a writing machine, he is a reading machine too.  He reads 150 books a year.  James Patterson can be called the Madonna of writing; he keeps reinventing himself – and because of that, he is a target for much criticism. 

Despite his huge success as a writer, he keeps a down to earth approach, and  does not take himself to seriously; seems lay back.  He is a family man first, a writer second – although, he is well known as a prolific author. 

He is called America’s #1 Storyteller, and I happen to agree.