Writer’s Wisdom 19

The Inner Critic

We all know the inner critic;  it lives inside us.  It can sabotage our writing at any time – if we let it.  The inner critic creeps out when you least expect it, and takes over your brain, feelings and confidence.  Author Kate Jacobs said in an interview with Borders:  “the secret is being persistent and silencing this inner critic.”

You may be persistent and disciplined, but if you let the inner critic sabotage your writing, then it will paralyze you, and you will end up in a circle of procrastination, or over editing, because the critic says it is not good enough.  Although writing should never be “good enough,” there is a point when you should stop over editing.

Silencing the inner critic is critical if you want to move along with your writing.  Your main concern is to write the piece; once that’s accomplished move on to editing.

So, next time the inner critic shows up, give it a piece of chocolate and keep writing.