Writer’s Wisdom 30

Writing for the Long Run

A writer’s road is long, and sometimes, full of many obstacles and rejections.  For the love of writing, you are willing to submit yourself to the long lonely hours, the cash shortage, the many trials, the not so glamorous life, and for some, carpal tunnel syndrome.

A true writer realizes that he/she is in it for the long run.  Writing is not for the impatient soul, or those who long for the quick and easy buck.  Writing takes much trial and error, a lot of editing and learning, taking criticism (and surviving your ego) – a lot of work and dedication.

In your obsession for the written word (and its long awaited rewards), you forego many things and luxuries, and money becomes a long lost goal – secondary to being published.  The writer becomes like the starving artist – hypnotized by the craft.

But suddenly he/she realizes that the path becomes sweeter, with each written piece – eternal bliss.