Writer’s Wisdom 32

Social networking and chatting

Social networking sites are an excellent vehicle to promote your writing, but they can also hinder it.  The time spent on these sites, when not well spent, can cut into your writing time and schedule.  It is easy to get sidetracked by the pictures and latest adventures of family and friends.  Hours go by and your empty page is waiting, and hopefully, you will have gathered some inspiration while chatting away.  If your bread and butter is the written word, then you will have to apply some old fashion bossing to yourself:  “No personal business during working hours, and stick to the schedule.”

Freelancer’s struggle with time management is something that if not addressed seriously, can hinder your writing and your pocket.  Using writing sites to vent personal feelings is not recommended if you are planning to take your writing to a higher level.  Learn to separate your writing from your wining and you will recuperate valuable writing time, and become more productive.