Writer’s Wisdom 35

“Mind your own writing – put a lid on it.”

Many writers fall into the trap of airing their dirty laundry on their blog or articles; their writing turns into wining.  Many writing sites allow the publishing of these types of writing – turning more into social sites, than writing sites.  If you are serious about a career in writing, mind your own writing, put a lid on it, and filter it so it doesn’t become too personal or trashy.

A simple rule to go by is – If it doesn’t help the writing or your image as a serious writer, as a professional, then trash it.”  Once it is written and published, might as well be on stone.  Down the road, if you are fortunate to land a serious writing assignment or a book contract, you don’t want those writing skeletons to come out.

If writing is your passion, take it serious, mind it and give your best.