Writer’s Wisdom 36

“Own your emotions.”

Our writing gets permeated by our feelings and emotions, no matter how impartial we attempt to be while writing a piece.  It is important to take a look at our emotions when we are writing, to see if we are not sabotaging our writing. 

Author Sue Grafton believes in writing down her emotions so she does not sabotage her work – as told in a Borders interview.  When writing a novel, she keeps a journal where she writes important details about the novel, and also about her feelings at the time.  She keeps her emotions in place with this technique. 

Our moods can affect our writing, and a way to release any negative moods is by keeping a writing  journal.  By releasing those bottled up feelings, you free your creative energy, and allow it to flow.  Own your emotions, and your Muse will love you for it!