Writer’s Wisdom 42

Getting to know them

Getting to know who?  Your characters.  Your characters are more than names and descriptions on a page.  They move in with you for a while, and they have lives, feelings and situations.  You write them, but sometimes, they will surprise you and write themselves.

In an interview with Borders, best-selling author Linda Howard (Ice) said that “it is important to  get to know these people and what happens to them.”  She added that she pays attention to “whoever shows up in her imagination and starts talking.”  She expressed that she doesn’t plan anything – she writes “whatever story appeals to her at whatever moment.”

This is because she is very attuned to her characters and what they are saying and doing, and to the ones that have a small voice, but have not pop in yet.  While writing your book or novel, keep your ears and mind open to what your second family has to say.  It will only help you with your writing.  Care about your characters and they will take care of you.