Writer’s Wisdom 54


Oh, the dreaded word!  The denial of me, myself and I – the writer!  At some point in your writing career, you will be faced with the possibility of becoming a ghostwriter.  You will have to choose between money or glory, a living or personal pride.  Whatever your decision, one thing is for sure – it must contribute to your development as a writer.

Ghostwriting is not for everyone but it can help you develop an eye for different styles and what the person (s) who hired you expects from the piece you are writing.  It will give you the opportunity to work with different personalities, and tailor your writing to what is expected.  It is like becoming a chameleon of writing.  Despite if you ghostwrite for a short time or a longer period, there are benefits to it – $$$ and learning.  If you can put aside your need for recognition for a while, then ghostwriting is something that you might want to try.