Writer’s Wisdom 55

When deadlines kill inspiration

Some people work better under pressure, others don’t.  A freelance writer has to learn to juggle many projects at once, many deadlines, and the unexpected.  It is part of the bread and butter.  All this pressure may hinder your muse, especially when you are writing a novel.   If this is the case, sometimes a little schedule shuffling helps.

If you wake up refreshed and ready to work, why not write your novel in the early hours of the morning, and take care of the rest later?  Think of it as warm up for deadline projects.

After working all day in all kinds of requests, you may feel tired, needing a break, and certainly not in the mood to get inspired.  Soon, you find yourself thinking – “I will work on it tomorrow.”  But tomorrow comes, and the next day, and the next …  A week goes by and you have not written a chapter.  Then, you end up feeling guilty and stressed out.  Sounds familiar?  We all have been there, but time can be our best or worst enemy.  Just switching things around a bit to take advantage on your state of mind for inspiration can help.