Writer’s Wisdom 58

Love Thy Critics

Accepting criticism about your work is a hard thing to do.  After putting your sweat and ink into a labor of passion – a written piece from the heart, no one likes for it to be pull apart and criticized.  A writer is as proud of his/her piece as a first time mom (assuming here that the mom wants her baby, of course).  Hearing comments that your pride and joy is less than perfect will annoy or upset many writers, if not all.

Learn to look at constructive criticism in a positive light; as a tool to make you grow and get better at your craft.  Once you learn to do that, it will be easier to accept and your feelings won’t be hurt as much.  You will learn to perfect your work, resulting in satisfaction and a sense of achieving a well written piece.  Criticism comes from the human reason, and everyone has different points of view.  Learn to take it from where it comes, and analyze it as objectively as you can.  If you see truth in it, listen to the advice; it will only benefit you.  You should strive to become the best writer you can be.