Writer’s Wisdom 63

The story that I love …

Who do you write for?  Although books are categorized or targeted for sale to particular groups of readers, such as young adults … I keep hearing best-selling authors saying during interviews that they sat down to write a story that they would love.  Some of them say that they wrote the story for themselves.  This is a very important point since it determines how you approach the writing of a piece. 

If you sit down to write the story that you love, you will be connected with that piece much more that if you think that you are writing for such and such group of readers – a bit of pressure there.  Of course some authors will take advantage of a trend, such as the trend of vampires.  It seems that since Stephenie Meyer wrote Twilight and the sequels and it was a hit with young readers as well as adults, everyone is writing about vampires and werewolves now.  The vampire has been awakened again.  And that is fine.

So next time you sit down to write, ask yourself this question:  “Am I writing the story that I love?”