Writer’s Wisdom 62

Writers are entrepreneurs

 According to a simple definition of the word, an entrepreneur is a person who is willing to take upon herself or himself a new venture or enterprise and accepts full responsibility for the outcome and is looking to make a profit (from Wikipedia).  Although most of the time we define it in the traditional business sense, this definition can be applied to writers.  Aside from their love of writing, writers take chances, are willing to put the long hours that it takes, and go from rejection to rejection learning and adjusting their venture, until they make it.  Writers also want to make money in the end.  They look for their own clients, present their own projects and work, and even do the legwork in promoting their work.  Most dream of the day that they publish “the book,” and will endure anything for the love of the craft.

When we think of an entrepreneur we hardly think of writers.  The image that comes to mind is of the traditional business man or woman starting  a venture.  But if you are a serious writer you well know that you have the entrepreneurial spirit deep in you.