Writer’s Wisdom 61

Free Style Poetry

Poetry can take many shapes.  I am not a poet, but sometimes I feel inspired and have to write it down.  The poem does not follow any rules, it just comes out – it just is.  However, many think that you have to be in a certain mood or inspired in a particular way to write a poem.  I disagree.  I find that when I feel a “certain inspiration” – not sure how to describe it – I tend to write just poems.  They don’t follow a specific feeling, they could be as far to one another in that sense, but they do follow a theme – usually.  That is the way it is for me.  Other times, I could write about a love affair and next about taxes.  That is why I don’t call myself a poet – I don’t follow the rules of poetry.  If there would be such a thing, mine would be called “free style poetry.”

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If you have never written a poem and sometimes feel the urge but think that you can’t write poetry, write it down anyway.  Let the inspiration flow, don’t think about it, write free style – embrace your Muse and let it out.