Writer’s Wisdom 77

Planning Your Writing Day

Your computer’s calendar is your best friend – the best tool to plan a day’s full of writing and other projects.  Time goes fast when you write, and the hours do not seem enough to cover everything that you have to do in a day.  Learning to log your tasks in your calendar and timing them, is a big help to focus and handle your most important assignments.

When logging your tasks, prioritize them from the ones that are due first and assign a time to work on them, set an automatic reminder to let you know when your next task is about to commence, so you know how much time you have left with the present task.  Also, spend and hour in small tasks that can take 10 or 15 mins – you will eliminate the small tasks and will warm up for your bigger tasks.  Don’t forget to allocate a few minutes here and there for breaks and lunch, and of course personal time and errands.

This is not to say that you have to function like a robot tied to a computer.  It just helps you to keep track of time and also to organize your writing throughout the day.  It also prevents the wasted minutes surfing the net.  At the end of the day, when you look back at your schedule, the satisfaction you feel for a good work’s day will become fuel to make you more productive.  It will all pay off in the end.