The other day, I was watching a silent movie from the 1920’s called Metropolis.  It lasted for over an hour, and I was surprised that it kept me interested despite not having any words or sounds, just the occasional line on the  screen.  The movie was full of symbolism, both, religious and political, and reflected many trends of the time.  I was glued to it, at one point.  Then, I started thinking, what is it about this silent movie that captivated my attention?

Soon, I understood, it was the symbolism throughout, despite no words.  Then, I thought that this same principle is applied in writing.  In writing, when words don’t suffice, a writer must use symbolism to keep the reader interested.  A writer must keep the reader discovering. 

This certainly brought a new awareness to my writing, and the funny part is that it came from a silent movie.

2 thoughts on “Metropolis

  1. It sure is interesting, even though I’m sure words can convey any message if you use them in the right order 🙂

    I’ve been browsing wordpress blogs for blogs like yours and I like all the things you write (the ones I had time to read). I’m just looking for people who will give me feedback on things I put out and help me develop as a hobby writer, direct me and let me know about great reading materials…hope to hear from you…

  2. Thanks. Glad that I can be of some help. Some of the books that I like is The Complet Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron, Grit for the Oyster by Zuzanne Woods Fisher, How I Write, by Janet Evanovich, and Keys to Great Writing by Stephen Wilbers. Hope those help you as they have helped and inspired me. Thanks for stopping by.

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