One Day at a Time

We all want to do our best – at home, at work, as friends, as mothers, as wives, as husbands … the desire is in our hearts.  However, many times we accused ourselves of falling short – of falling short to perfection.  We measure ourselves against ideals of perfection or super human-successful and charming role models that we create in our minds.  When we think we are falling short we become discouraged and sad, sometimes angry, at ourselves and the entire world.  What we don’t realize is that all we need to do is – to do our best one day at a time.

If we live by that motto, it would be hard to fall short of anything, we would be happier with ourselves, and with the world.  Knowing that we did your best today, yesterday, and will do your best tomorrow, takes off the pressure that we put on ourselves.

Every person is unique and everyone’s best will be different and unique to that person as well.  So don’t measure yourself to the “supermom’s best” or the ideal; instead, measure yourself to your own best. 

Mediocrity is the opposite to doing your best – it stops half way, and stalls.  Be your best _________ (fill the blank) one day at a time.